Row-addition (adding a Block to a worksheet table)

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In GreenDesk, model data is carried by Blocks with Values.

In most Worksheet tables, each row corresponds to a single Block, although sometimes information from more than one related Block is pulled into the table. When you use row-editing, you are actually editing the underlying values carried by one or more Blocks.

Adding a new row (a new Block with Values) to the most worksheet tables is easy. Just enter the new name in the field below the table and click Add.

Usually when you add a new Block row to a worksheet table it will give Expert System warnings about missing values with the symbols UNDEF (visit also this tutorial) or UNDEF. This is perfectly normal, desirable behaviour ! It's up to you to then provide the missing model data using row-editing or "easy-edit" (peudo-popup dialog) editing.

Usually GreenDesk knows exactly what type of Block needs to be added to each worksheet table, however sometimes you have to set some parameter (for example, a Block might have a choice of 'product type').

 Some worksheet tables optionally filter on a parameter that can't be provided in advance, which filter can be enabled or disabled using a Display Option. So when you add a new Block row with the filter enabled, you won't see your newly added row yet. Just disable the filter, then use row-editing and set the relevant parameter. You can then re-enable the filter and the Block row will show.
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