Return-on-save editing

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Most model values in GreenDesk are handled using "deep" Value objects, which "wrap" a simple value.

A Value can contain rich metadata as well as comment notes (and even file attachments as supporting evidence). Each Value has a view page and an edit page, where users can add additional information such as comment notes.

There are three main kinds of editing of Values:

  • Full editing using the dedicated edit page.
  • Row-editing in tables, where users can only enter the underlying value.
  • Popup dialog editing, where users can only enter the underlying value.

If you are prompted in a worksheet to edit a Value using the EDIT! link, you'll be taken to the full editing page for the value. On Save you'll be taken back to the original worksheet. This is called return-on-save editing.

One advantage of return-on-save editing compared with other editing modes is that users can enter information about how or where a value was obtained using the Description section, and one can even enter one or more Attachments with sources for the information (if this mode is enabled).
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