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A Relevant Document is an Optional-But-Recommended Document that has been chosen by the user as relevant to a Credit, because it provides supporting evidence for the credit. The user can indicate a relevant page range or section within the Document when making an Attachment upload, or by editing the document compliance table of the credit.

Only strictly required Compliance Documents and user-selected Relevant Documents are included in the final export to PDF in Print Mode from a GreenDesk Credit Submission Form.

In the document compliance table of a credit's main view page, users can use checkboxes to select Optional-But-Recommended Documents.

In a GreenDesk Credit Submission Form, users can similarly optionally choose to display all candidate compliance documents for a credit, and can use checkboxes to select Optional-But-Recommended Documents.

To learn about GreenDesk features for setting optional documents as 'relevant' please visit: Optional-But-Recommended Documents.
When a Credit has Optional-But-Recommended Documents it can be tricky to determine whether document compliance has been fully met. GreenDesk uses a special document compliance status indicator   to indicate that file attachments have been made for all strictly required documents (if there are any) but there are also some Optional-But-Recommended Documents and none have been selected as Relevant Documents yet (so no file attachment checks have been performed for them). This special status icon version (which is cyan/aqua, not green) is intended to prompt you to consider selecting at least one Optional-But-Recommended Document as a Relevant Document and make a file attachment for it.
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