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GreenDesk offers a special Print Mode that makes generation of clean PDF exports of view pages and Worksheets easier. In Print Mode, most icons and other adornments are hidden, and only essential information such as worksheet tables and criteria calculations are displayed. Also, most interactive features such as editing are completely disabled.

Simply activate Print Mode from the Toolbar, then use the Export, Print or Save As feature of your web browser to generate and save a PDF file or send it to your printer.

In Print Mode, forms are far more compact than in Active Mode, and are tuned for export to PDF.

When you are in Print Mode you'll see a coloured reminder banner (which does not itself print or export to PDF).

Please note: Results may differ depending on your web browser, operating system, and Print/Export settings !
 The reference browser for GreenDesk for all operating systems and devices is Chrome. Feature behaviours, worksheet interactions, and PDF export results in Print Mode may vary in other browsers.
 As an alternative to PDF export, you can also try these plugins for Chrome: Full Page Screen Capture (supports both PDF and PNG) or Awesome Screenshot (PNG only, but supports region selection and editing).
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