Expert System Test

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A test applied by the Expert System logic engine to project model values and answers to questions supplied by users. Such tests are designed, amongst other things, to ensure that the Credit Criteria specified by a certification scheme authority are fully met.

 GreenDesk constantly informs users with diagnostic messages and tips about the results of tests, to help users achieve maximum credit points, and to alert users to design issues. It also prompts users when values required to perform test calculations are missing with these symbols: UNDEF (visit also this tutorial) or UNDEF.

The GreenDesk Expert System does far more than just check the Credit Criteria. It validates the model data stored in the Project Model Database, checks for missing information, validates data, checks for inconsistencies, and much more.

 NB: In GreenDesk the Expert System Tests for checking Credit Criteria are always performed at the level of an Activity or Constraint. The criteria for a Credit are met by passing one or more Activity or Constraint tests.
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