Credit Criteria

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Most certification schemes are composed of Credits that are subject to Credit Criteria, which are a set of tests, rules, and constraints that must be met before points will be awarded by the final certification authority.

The Credit Criteria may expressed as text requirements, or in combination with tables of information and data expressing the criteria. The criteria may also involve calculations that are to be performed in tools provided by the certification authority or by compatible 3rd-party tools (such as GreenDesk from GreenSoft).

The authoritative documents that contain the Credit Criteria have different names and forms in different rating schemes. For example, in Green Star® the credit criteria are given in Green Star® Submission Guidelines PDFs.

In GreenDesk, the Credit Criteria are encapsulated as Expert System Tests, and all project model data (stored in the Project Model Database) is subjected to the tests whenever it is served to users in worksheets, so users can discover exactly where they have earned or lost potential credit points.

 NB: In GreenDesk the Expert System Tests for checking Credit Criteria are always performed at the level of an Activity or Constraint. The criteria for a Credit are met by passing one or more Activity or Constraint tests.

The Credit Criteria are usually supplemented by Compliance Document requirements.

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