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A Compliance Document is a document that is required for full compliance with the specification of a valid application for a given certification scheme or industry standard.

In green certification schemes, Compliance Documents are usually associated with individual Credits, although some documents may be required for compliance with more than one credit.

The particular Compliance Documents required may depend on the project phase for the certification application (such as design, as-built, or operational phases), and may also depend on the particular project's design. For example: The documents required for a green building project that is fully naturally ventilated may be different from a building that uses mechanical or electrical ventilation; The documents required for a steel-framed building may be different from those required for a concrete-framed building.

GreenDesk has powerful Expert System strategies for tracking which Compliance Documents are required, and when, along with compliance document tables in Credit views and worksheets that show you whether you have meet the compliance conditions.

To see the compliance document icon indicators used by GreenDesk please visit the Credit model class description page.

Please note that not every Document is a Compliance Document, and that GreenDesk also optionally supports uploading generic file attachments to the view page of most model elements kinds for general tracking of project documentation, independent of any certification scheme.

 UPDATE: Since Green Star® Design & As Built v1.2 the sets of "required" Compliance Documents are more loosely defined. Previously, for design phase projects only a GBCA Credit Submission Template was required. And for as-built phase projects, there was a set of more-or-less required documents (depending on a building project's type and specification). Applicants may now in many cases instead just nominate those documents that provide supporting evidence, and may indicate where in the document the supporting evidence may be found. GreenDesk now fully supports flexible declaration of Compliance Documents via the Optional-But-Recommended Document, Relevant Document, and Page range (Section range) editing features.
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