A glossary of terms and definitions as used in GreenDesk. They are roughly categorised by the following concept types:

This glossary complements the table of model classes.
Term, definition, or concept Concept type
"Easy-edit" (peudo-popup dialog) editing Feature
Accordion tab (accordion panel) Feature, User interface
Active Mode Display Option, Feature
Auto-completion of activities Feature
Auto-targeting of credits Feature
Building Information Modeling (BIM) Definition
Building Project Model Definition
Candidate Block Feature
Categories Menu Bar Feature
Compliance Document Definition
Constraint Assertion Mode Feature
Credit Applicability Criteria Definition
Credit Criteria Definition
Credit quick-links Display Option, Feature
Credit Submission Form Feature
Credit Submission Template Definition
Dashboard/Launchpad Feature, User interface
Demo Mode Project Definition, Feature
Derived value Definition
Display Option Feature
Document Compliance Conditions Definition
Element Class Definition
Enabled/Disabled/Candidate blocks Feature
Expert System Definition
Expert System Test Definition, Feature
Expertise Level Display Modes Display Option, Feature
External link Feature
Extra Help Mode Display Option, Feature
Frequently Used Values Definition, Feature
GBCA Credit Submission Template Definition
GBCA Green Star Definition
GBCA Green Star "Rating Tool" Definition
GBCA Green Star Submission Guidelines Definition
Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) Organisation
Green Star menu Feature
GreenDesk TRIAL MODE Feature
Model Class Definition
Optional-But-Recommended Document Definition, Feature
Override Mode Feature
Page range (section range) editing Feature
Points Logic Definition
Print Mode Display Option, Feature
Progressive Form Completion Definition, Feature
Project Chooser Display Option, Feature
Project Model Database Definition
Project Registration Form Feature
Recent elements view Display Option, Feature, User interface
Relevant Document Definition, Feature
Return-on-save editing Feature
Row-addition (adding a Block to a worksheet table) Feature, User interface
Row-editing Feature, User interface
Search table Feature
Submission Author Definition
Submission Credit Definition
Toolbar (sidebar) Feature
UNDEF - Indication of a 'null' or undefined value Feature
Worksheet tab Feature, User interface
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