A Document element has a web page that can carry one or more file Attachments, one of which serves as the 'current' or 'active' file attachment that represents the document.

Usually you do not have deal directly with Attachment elements in GreenDesk. Attachment of files to Document elements is handled behind the scenes for you via easy-to-use attach buttons and attach links in worksheet tables.

You can access and download (subject to authorisation) a file attachment from it's corresponding Document page, or from many convenient document overview tables.

A Document may carry more than one file Attachment item to track different versions of a document over the course of a project. If the have more than one PDF file corresponding to a single document please combine them into a single file before making an attachment upload. (For example, on a Mac this is easily done with the Preview application by using its thumbnail view and drag-and-drop.)

Authorised users may create new document element pages to carry file attachments for any general purpose for a project.

One more more valid Compliance Document file attachments may be required for compliance with a Credit.

 IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT create your own Document elements to carry file Attachments for Credit compliance tracking ! GreenDesk uses special, dedicated, pre-created Compliance Document elements under Expert System control and bound to credits for this purpose. To upload file attachments for document compliance please use the Document Compliance Table of a credit's main view page or a related Worksheet.
 DISCLAIMER: GreenDesk assumes that compliance has been met if each required Document has at least one file Attachment but can't confirm whether the contents of the actual file attachment indeed meets compliance. Only the assessors from a certification authority for a scheme can ultimately decide whether the contents of uploaded file attachments meet their compliance requirements. The GreenDesk credit Worksheets and Credit Submissions Forms are however designed to precisely meet the compliance documentation requirements of certification schemes.
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