Tutorial: Green Star Design & As Built: Responsible Building Materials - Permanent Formwork, Pipes, Flooring, Blinds and Cables

Certification scheme version

Shows how to work through the Green Star® Design & As Built credit for PVC-related/containing materials using the GreenDesk worksheet and credit targeting system.

Please note that the official credit title does not explicitly contain the acronym 'PVC'.
You will learn:
  • How to locate a Credit page using various techniques.
  • How to auto-target a Credit.
  • How to populate the worksheet of a Demo Mode Project with demonstration data.
  • How to provide missing values required for credit applicability calculations and criteria calculations.
  • How to use Display Options in worksheet tables.
  • How to add new rows to worksheet tables as Blocks with data values.
  • How to assess credit criteria calculations in worksheets.
  • How to disable/enable Blocks.
  • How to 'complete' an Activity that has passed its Expert System Tests so that it is 'accepted'.
  • How to inspect whether document compliance is met for a Credit.
  • How to access a Credit Submission Form carried by a parent Submission Credit of a sub-credit.
  • How to attach a Credit Submission Form as a compliance document to a credit.
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