Document compliance for the impacts credit with optional-but-recommended documents

The credit has now earned 1.6 sliding scale points out of 3 available points, as indicated by the status icon.

The Expert System report states:

Document compliance met ?  yes
Is this really so ? Closer inspection shows there are some Optional-But-Recommended Documents but none have been selected as Relevant Documents yet.

 UPDATE: Since Green Star® Design & As Built v1.2 the sets of "required" Compliance Documents are more loosely defined. Previously, for design phase projects only a GBCA Credit Submission Template was required. And for as-built phase projects, there was a set of more-or-less required documents (depending on a building project's type and specification). Applicants may now in many cases instead just nominate those documents that provide supporting evidence, and may indicate where in the document the supporting evidence may be found. GreenDesk now fully supports flexible declaration of Compliance Documents via the Optional-But-Recommended Document, Relevant Document, and Page range (Section range) editing features.
When a Credit has Optional-But-Recommended Documents it can be tricky to determine whether document compliance has been fully met. GreenDesk uses a special document compliance status indicator   to indicate that file attachments have been made for all strictly required documents (if there are any) but there are also some Optional-But-Recommended Documents and none have been selected as Relevant Documents yet (so no file attachment checks have been performed for them). This special status icon version (which is cyan/aqua, not green) is intended to prompt you to consider selecting at least one Optional-But-Recommended Document as a Relevant Document and make a file attachment for it.

To address this for this credit, it is decided to select one Document as 'relevant'. Initially, the document compliance status icon turns from cyan/aqua to red, because the Expert System now expects a file Attachment upload. Once a file Attachment with supporting evidence is made for it, the document compliance status icon turns to green.

We next inspect the parent Submission Credit.