Choose one or more optional-but-recommended documents as relevant to meet the minimum requirement (via the worksheet)

 UPDATE: Since Green Star® Design & As Built v1.2 the sets of "required" Compliance Documents are more loosely defined. Previously, for design phase projects only a GBCA Credit Submission Template was required. And for as-built phase projects, there was a set of more-or-less required documents (depending on a building project's type and specification). Applicants may now in many cases instead just nominate those documents that provide supporting evidence, and may indicate where in the document the supporting evidence may be found. GreenDesk now fully supports flexible declaration of Compliance Documents via the Optional-But-Recommended Document, Relevant Document, and Page range (Section range) editing features.

By default, only Documents that the Expert System knows are required, or documents that a user has chosen as relevant, are shown in worksheet tables. To show all candidate Compliance Documents disable the filter shown.

You can then assert that one or more candidate documents is in fact relevant for provision of supporting evidence - in which case document compliance will only be considered to be fully met for the credit if a file Attachment is provided for each relevant document also (in addition to any required documents).

Note that as soon as a Document is chosen as relevant a warning icon appears unless the document has a file Attachment.

Use the ATTACH! link to upload a file Attachment to the Document via its edit page, optionally entering a page range or section range to indicate where the supporting evidence may be found, then Save to return to the worksheet.