Video: Full tutorial: - Credit Criteria Web Worksheets and Submission Forms - Case: GBCA Green Star Design and As Built - Concrete

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Certification scheme version

This is the primary tutorial video for the current version of GreenDesk® for Green Star® Design & As Built. The video is required viewing for all GreenDesk TRIAL MODE users and GreenDesk customers.

Users are guided through the entire process of targeting Green Star credits via GreenDesk Activities, addressing green credit criteria through rich interactive GreenDesk web worksheets, and preparing Credit Submission Reports for submission to the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) as part of a Green Star application - subject to prior permission from the GBCA to accept reports prepared in GreenDesk.

This video demonstrates the powerful GreenDesk status-icon system for tracking progress through completion of GreenDesk activities and Green Star credits. The video also includes many tips about: allocating GreenDesk activities to Actors (human resource roles) on certification scheme projects, role-restricted feature and worksheet access for 3rd-party suppliers and contractors, quick navigation strategies, compliance documentation tracking, and using display options and common user settings. An appendix demonstrates use of tag-based navigation and the session history.

Thus, most content of this video is also of immediate relevance to versions of GreenDesk under development for handling credits for LEED, BREEAM, and Green Mark.

To apply for a trial, please register at (subject to approval).
 UPDATE: Since Green Star® Design & As Built v1.2 the sets of "required" Compliance Documents are more loosely defined. Previously, for design phase projects only a GBCA Credit Submission Template was required. And for as-built phase projects, there was a set of more-or-less required documents (depending on a building project's type and specification). Applicants may now in many cases instead just nominate those documents that provide supporting evidence, and may indicate where in the document the supporting evidence may be found. GreenDesk now fully supports flexible declaration of Compliance Documents via the Optional-But-Recommended Document, Relevant Document, and Page range (Section range) editing features.
 UPDATE: You can now use convenient inline Author (user profile) assignment from the view page of a Submission Credit. Please visit: Mini-tutorial: How to create and assign a Submission Author in GreenDesk
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