Video: Introduction to GreenDesk for Green Star Design & As Built

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GreenDesk is a powerful Enterprise Web Application for tracking and preparing applications for environmental rating certification schemes, industry certification schemes, and certifications for industry standards. There are different versions of GreenDesk under development for various national and international certification schemes and standards.

This video introduces GreenDesk® for Green Star® Design & As Built (a green rating scheme from the Green Building Council of Australia).

GreenDesk can be accessed by subscribing customers securely via a web browser as Software as a Service (SaaS) on the World Wide Web (WWW), or can be deployed on-site on a server within a customer’s secure company intranet.

GreenDesk employs Expert System tests to help project designs, as-built projects, and operational projects meet the criteria for achieving maximum credit points for green certification schemes. Rich interactive web worksheets guide users through the collection of all necessary project model data and any information and answers to questions required to determine whether the mandated credit criteria are met. GreenDesk alerts users to any problems encountered addressing the credit criteria, and indicates optimal design and specification changes.

The same Expert System tracking technology can be used to demonstrate that projects meet the criteria for industry standards, codes, and regulations, through dedicated GreenDesk standards-compliance worksheets.

GreenDesk is organised around activities (tasks) that can be allocated to human resource roles - the people who carry out, or are involved in, the completion of tasks that help earn green rating credits and demonstrate compliance with industry standards. Project Managers can easily plan Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and track all team members' progress towards completion of allocated tasks; team members and authorised 3rd-party-suppliers can likewise view their list of allocated tasks and can track their own progress towards meeting their specified duties.

Role-based access controls ensure that users are granted access only to aspects of a project relevant to their tasks.

GreenDesk also tracks uploading of the documentation required to meet green scheme credit compliance and demonstrate compliance with industry standards.

GreenDesk offers convenient overviews of the predicted credits points earned and progress towards completion of green certification scheme applications, and offers features for easily choosing which credits to target and track - ideal for use by Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) consultants.

It also includes general Project Management and Content Management System (CMS) features, such as the ability to upload any desired file attachments to any project model element's web page and to record general user comments and tracking information on any desired aspect of a project.

All model element web pages and web worksheets support a special Print Mode for generation of high quality PDF reports for internal records, for hard-copies, and for digital submission to certification authorities as compliance documentation and supporting information.

GreenDesk offers powerful cross-system navigation features so users can easily find the worksheets and information relevant to their particular project role(s) and tasks, and supports the popular page tagging technique for flexible topic-based search and navigation.

It offers a wide range of database query and search options for generating reports on selected project model data, and flexible display options for simplifying views and reports, as well as Display Modes for novice, standard, and expert level users.

Comprehensive inline help guides users through the feedback from the Expert System. GreenDesk includes a Knowledge Repository with convenient links and information on industry standards, codes, regulations, environmental certification authorities, and standards organisations.

The GreenDesk project database is a lasting record of what is known to work on successfully certified projects.

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