Troubleshooting GreenDesk

Please DO NOT use multiple web browser tabs when using the actual GreenDesk web application ! Please use the links, menu items, and buttons in GreenDesk to navigate between GreenDesk pages from within one web browser page to ensure fresh data and stable feature operation.
Please DO NOT use the back or forward buttons/arrows of your web browser when using the actual GreenDesk web application !
If a web page “crashes”, please try in this order:
  1. Visit the home page (just click on the GreenDesk logo or the banner title) within your GreenDesk deployment.
  2. Visit this page and logout (even though the URL says login) and then login again: [YOUR ACCESS URL]/login.xhtml
  3. Clear your web browser cache, restart your browser, then try to login via your GreenDesk access URL (web address) again.

If you still have problems, please don’t hesitate to phone or SMS to 0405 029 008 or contact GreenSoft support for technical assistance.

 The reference browser for GreenDesk for all operating systems and devices is Chrome. Feature behaviours, worksheet interactions, and PDF export results in Print Mode may vary in other browsers.
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