A help zone for GreenDesk. This online information supplements the extensive help facility within the GreenDesk web application itself.
The best place to start is to watch the tutorial videos !

There is a lot of help also in the glossary items, model class descriptions, and tutorial trails, which cross-reference each other.

Please remember also:

  • Whenever you see this help icon in GreenDesk, try hovering your mouse over the icon for more context-specific information and guidance. You can disable/enable display of help icons under  My Account >  Settings.
  • If you are unsure what to do in GreenDesk, remember to activate Extra Help mode, which shows more help panels and more help icons .

Please DO NOT use multiple web browser tabs when using the actual GreenDesk web application ! Please use the links, menu items, and buttons in GreenDesk to navigate between GreenDesk pages from within one web browser page to ensure fresh data and stable feature operation.
Please DO NOT use the back or forward buttons/arrows of your web browser when using the actual GreenDesk web application !
 The reference browser for GreenDesk for all operating systems and devices is Chrome. Feature behaviours, worksheet interactions, and PDF export results in Print Mode may vary in other browsers.

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