A Project is used in GreenDesk for tracking progress towards achieving credit points for an application for a green certification scheme or industry standard, for collating all necessary compliance documentation, and for preparing a final application for submission to the certification scheme authority.

Each certification scheme has a different kind of project, usually pre-created for you for use in a specific version of GreenDesk. Many certification schemes have different variations on projects for different project phases/stages such as 'design', 'as-built', and 'operational'. GreenDesk usually pre-loads with demonstration projects for exactly one of each of these phases, and when you create your own projects you may choose what kind or phase.

Therefore, a typical "real-world project" will have more than one GreenDesk project, with at least one for each of the phases/stages defined in the certification scheme.

Every other type of model element must belong to exactly one GreenDesk project element ! On creation of elements using the  Create menu you will be asked first to choose which project the element belongs to.
A project element is in fact a special kind of Block element, one that contains all of the other blocks that represent concrete (physical) and abstract concepts in the project, and carry the values that are assessed by the Expert System against credit criteria.

Each project is also related to the Credits elements for its certification scheme.

When a project for a particular certification scheme loads it offers additional menus for that certification scheme, including access to specific Categories, and a final calculation over all credits.

Usually you should choose one project at a time using the Project Chooser in the sidebar/toolbar. You may however instead choose to run GreenDesk with no project chosenl; this mode may be useful if you want to compare elements from different projects in listing pages (but many view pages and worksheets with then nevertheless warn you to please choose a single project).

Most view pages and rich interactive worksheet pages will tell you which project you are currently working with, or - if you have not chosen a current project yet - will remind you to please choose one.

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