About GreenDesk®

The GreenDesk® family of database-driven, enterprise web applications employs a special form of object-relational Building Information Modeling (BIM) to relate compliance items from environmental rating systems to elements of office buildings and construction projects: building blocks, values and quantities, documents, codes & regulations, and the activities of human resources ("actors" or "roles").

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Welcome to the GreenDesk web site

Welcome to the home of GreenDesk®, the web application for environmental compliance tracking of office buildings, brought to you by GreenSoft Pty Ltd. To find out more about GreenDesk® technology please visit also:

Tutorial: the GreenDesk expert system status and credit point indicators

OBSOLETE: at least some part of this content is out-of-date

The meaning of the status indicator icons in some cases depends on the context.

Computed points and expert system indicators for Green Star activities

A single tick or cross is assigned, depending on whether the activity meets all of the following conditions:

  • It is part of an applicable Green Star credit.
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