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The GreenDesk® family of database-driven, enterprise web applications employs a special form of object-relational Building Information Modeling (BIM) to relate compliance items from environmental rating systems to elements of office buildings and construction projects: building blocks, values and quantities, documents, codes & regulations, and the activities of human resources ("actors" or "roles").

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GreenDesk® for Green Star® Office

The Green Star® scheme of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is an environmental rating scheme for design and construction of buildings. GreenSoft Pty Ltd is developing a version of the GreenDesk® web application for Class 5 office buildings in Australia. GreenDesk® for Green Star® Office helps track building elements, quantities, materials, documentation, compliance items, and the activities of human resources that contribute towards satisfying each credit in the Green Star® Office - Design and Green Star® As-Built v3 rating tool and the Green Star® Office Design & Office As Built Version3 Technical Manual.

GreenDesk® also enables tracking of activities that help earn Green Star® rating credits, and relates these activities to elements of buildings (blocks), values and quantities, regulations and standards, and to human resources (actors/roles), people who are assigned to carry out or are involved in activities. GreenDesk® for Green Star® Office also relates uploaded documents to Green Star® credits in order to demonstrate compliance.

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Welcome to the GreenDesk web site

Welcome to the home of GreenDesk®, the web application for environmental compliance tracking of office buildings, brought to you by GreenSoft Pty Ltd. To find out more about GreenDesk® technology please visit also:

GreenDesk screencast video: Mat06 Steel (revised): introduction to the rich interactive worksheet with multiple tables for complex credit criteria

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Tutorial: the GreenDesk expert system status and credit point indicators

The meaning of the status indicator icons in some cases depends on the context.

Computed points and expert system indicators for Green Star activities

A single tick or cross is assigned, depending on whether the activity meets all of the following conditions:

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